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Notable books, articles, and tools, written and published by Tim Woodruff

The ServiceNow Development Handbook

This short book is a compendium of pro-tips, guidelines, conventions, and best-practices that every developer will wish they knew on day one. It is the definitive guide to becoming a better ServiceNow developer or architect.

Learning ServiceNow

This book is meant to launch your career in ServiceNow administration and development, and set you on the right path to begin or upgrade your ServiceNow career.

Building Powerful Workflows

This book course is for IT professionals, ServiceNow administrators, and developers who would like to gain greater control of ServiceNow and its architecture to design and create automated workflows.

ServiceNow Pro-Tips

ServiceNow Pro-Tips is a ServiceNow ITSM development and architecture blog dedicated to teaching ServiceNow and providing free tools for anyone to use.

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