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Notable tools, written and published for free by Tim Woodruff

Smarter Update Sets

Makes Update Sets smarter, and less frustrating! Prevent accidentally closing Update Sets containing checked-out Workflows or cross-scope updates and prevents accidental alterations of "Default" Update Sets, among many other features.

Journal Redactor

Whether you're worried about HIPAA compliance or basic data security and privacy, you may occasionally need to "redact" sensitive information from journal entries in a ticket. Simply deleting the journal record is not enough. This tool entirely wipes the sensitive data from your instance.

Time-Zone Utils

Dealing with time-zones in ServiceNow can be difficult, especially in your server-side code. This tool makes that much easier, even allowing you to convert the time in a GlideDateTime object from one time-zone to another, on the fly.

Temporary Permissions Util

Whether it's a vendor, a tester, or anyone else needing temporary enhanced permissions, TPU allows you to simply specify the group or role you want to associate with them, and the expiration date for those permissions. TPU will handle the rest.

Set Catalog Variables from URL

This tool allows you to link directly to a Catalog Item in the portal or classic UI, and specify some URI parameters in order to pre-populate that request on load. Great for use in Knowledge articles and support tickets!

Glide JavaScript Libraries for ServiceNow

Since the built-in ServiceNow browser-based IDE isn't always up to the task, many of us developers use our own local JavaScript IDE (Webstorm, VSCode, etc.). This is a Glide API library for intellisense-style autocomplete in your IDE of choice. 

Better One-Click Approval

Approvals with a single-click, without relying on the end-user's mail client. Also fixes some issues with the Outlook mobile client that may prevent users from approving via the out-of-box "mailto" links.

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