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I had the pleasure of managing Tim for the last 3 years. Tim is the ultimate all-round improvement superstar. I have never met an individual such as Tim who is able to develop creative solutions to company wide problems in seconds. Tim always goes far above and beyond to ensure he is an absolute subject matter expert in anything related to his role. 
Tim is a rare breed being highly technical but also very creative. During his time, Tim wrote tools that saved the company millions of dollars as well as enhanced the customer experience.

Brian Watson

I started working with Tim after he was promoted into his QA Role at Symantec, and it was immediately clear that he was highly technical and knowledgeable about all things technical.
Tim has been a valuable source of information, and his ideas and creativity has significantly helped us develop and grow our in-house teams.
He is already missed as the go-to person for technical issues.
I recommend Tim in any role where he can help train, up skill or grow employee technical knowledge, as well as any role where he is developing technical solutions.

Rob Bunt

Tim is an outstanding, innovative, mission minded member of the team who looks to contribute far beyond the call of duty for the customer and the team. 
He has on many instances recognized a customer need and on his own time and expense developed tools & process flows to meet this need.
I would highly recommend Tim.

Ming Chai

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Tim at Symantec. He is truly an expert in what he does. After working with him closely on couple of projects, I can assure you that his technical expertise known to folks around him is just a tip of the iceberg. He is simply a genius who strives for solving people’s problem technically with great inventions. I would love to work with him again and learn from him.

Arun Chenchugopal

I only had a chance to work with Tim for a short time, but in that time I found him to be a wealth of technical knowledge. He is very collaborative, really enjoys sharing what he has learned and open to feedback from other parts of the organization. Tim is also very well respected as a trainer. I would be happy to serve as a reference for Tim in any of his future endeavors.

Elaine Powers

Tim is a very detail oriented 'go-getter'. His knowledge and skills extend well beyond the roles he has had thus far. Tim would be an excellent addition to any highly technical team or any department looking for a no-nonsense kind of employee. I highly recommend Tim for any technical or advanced role.

Nate Robbins
Team Lead

Tim is an excellent technician with a great ability to learn what he does not know. Tim has created tools that made escalations much easier to assist customers with. Tim would be a valued asset to any position he is in.

Levi Smith
Team Lead

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