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ServiceNow Development Handbook (3rd Edition)
Free PDF Exports

This page contains links to just a few sections of Tim Woodruff's ServiceNow Development Handbook (Third Edition). The below sections are available for download, for free. 


These exported sections are a bit of a sneak-peek at some of the new content in the Third Edition of the Handbook, which should be available on Amazon as of 9/30/21.


Please note: There may be some minor formatting or content errors in the PDFs below, as they were exported from an early draft of the Third Edition. 

Scripted Records

Using "scripted records" in ServiceNow to improve the configurability and modularity of your application or functionality. 

Server Debugging

Using the ServiceNow server-side debugger.

Session Variables

Using session variables (and client data) in ServiceNow

Update Sets

Some pro-tips and guidelines on managing Update Sets in ServiceNow. 

Update() in BRs

Using .update() in Business Rules (and related info, pitfalls, and "gotchas" relating to Business Rules). 

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